Hand carved cremation box

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These hand-carved urns are available in our Online Store

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If you are looking for a container for cremation remains (cremains) that is completely unique; a one of a kind, just as each of us is unique and one of a kind, you have found it.

Not an urn like countless others; but a one of a kind work of art! A custom made cremation container, a final resting place befitting someone who is truly loved and will forever be remembered. You may have a favorite flower or design of your own in mind; you can decide on all of the hand-carved details, down to the last leaf, or we can suggest a carving pattern.

Cremation gives us limitless options that the funeral of the past does not. Designing a hand carved cremation container is a loving way to honor a memory. They are also used as Keepsake or Memory Boxes during one’s life time and can be a convenient location for copies of all of your final documents; making them easily accessible to your loved ones.

While searching for the rainbow’s end I found not gold but you my friend.

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